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The outreach lending library is open to all to borrow or use our books, CDs, DVDs, VHS films, country themed Culture Kits, maps, reference materials, and curricula materials on the Middle East and Islam.

Borrowing Policies

Please review our borrowing policies and see how you can become a patron.

Resource Lists of Books, Videos, and Materials Available through the CMES Outreach Collection 

Searchable list of CMES books, videos, and resources for K-12 students and teachers: Materials are organized by grade level and content area. Along with the title/author of each book or video, there is a short synopsis of its content. Note: To search within any category, click on the arrow at the top of the column in the righthand corner of each column. For example, you may search by grade level and subject area by narrowing down your search in two different columns. (If you need assistance, call 520-621-7904.)

Lesson Plans are available on our Lesson Plan page. Our Culture Kits are listed by country and contain a list of contents on our Culture Kit page. We are currently updating our list of other resources, which will be searchable by subject.


To see a searchable list of videos (both VHS and DVD format) from our CMES lending library, click on the attachment above which will send you to the CMES library page. Follow the link to the catalog and then select "videos" in the drop down menu for "media."

Middle East Outreach Council

Established in 1981, the Middle East Outreach Council (MEOC) is a national nonprofit organization working to increase public knowledge about the peoples, places, and cultures of the Middle East, including the Arab world, Iran, Israel, Turkey, and Afghanistan. Established in 1999, the Middle East Book Award recognizes quality books for children and young adults that contribute meaningfully to an understanding of the Middle East and its component societies and cultures. 

MEOC Book Award Winners

Click here for a list of MEOC Book Award Winners from 2000 to 2019.


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