Current Projects

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies offers its community members and students opportunities to travel, research, and promote knowledge of the Middle East and North Africa. Below are current and upcoming projects. See our past projects to look at some of the exciting topics and locations we've worked with.

Global Business Outreach

CMES offers immersive training and travel opportunities to help business executives and family members travel to the Middle East and North Africa with intercultural awareness and confidence.

  • Pre-departure culture and etiquette trainings for business executives traveling to the Middle East and North Africa. Trainings can be general to the region or focused on a specific country
  • Cultural immersion training for spouses and family members who are relocating to the Middle East
  • Language training in Arabic (in dialects), Kurdish, Persian, Turkish; long-term courses or intensive short-term "language-for-specific-purposes" training
  • Full-day or half-day workshops on topics of your choice, for example: contemporary history of Egypt, Turkish political landscape, the role of Islam in society, etc.
  • Development trainings for the Middle Eastern employee
  • Intercultural management strategies
  • Conflict-resolution techniques in the business setting
  • Executive retreats in the Middle East: 5-10 day customized programs for senior staff in Egypt, Turkey, Kurdistan, Dubai, or other regional business hubs, with talks by regional key business leaders and analysts
  • Organized trade delegations to meet business leaders in the region and network
  • Brown-bag lunch talks held in your conference room

For more information, contact CMES at or call us at 520-621-5450.