Culture Kits


Each culture kit features a different country and contains items and informational resources about the country. These include books, maps, clothing, everyday items and items for religious or holiday use. The culture kits are

available for public use and can be checked out from the Outreach Office in CMES. Please note, these kits are too heavy to be mailed.

These are a great resource for teachers. However, they can also be used for organizations and other members of the community. We are currently updating our country-themed culture kits. We recently have added teaching resources such as complementary lesson plans to our Morocco, Turkey, and Cyprus culture kits.

We are currently creating new kits about Kurds, Islam, Judaism, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, Iraq and Israel. Click the headings on the right to view the content lists of the Culture Kits which are available for use currently.

In addition to the culture kits, Outreach also has other items that can be checked out. These include CD's, DVD's, and books. If you have items of interest that you would like to donate please contact Julie Ellison-Speight - If you would like to check-out a Culture Kit, please complete this form.


  • Judaism (under development)
  • Islam (under development)


  • Algeria/Tunisia/Libya (under development)
  • Afghanistan
  • Arabian Peninsula (under development)
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan (under development)
  • Cyprus
  • Egypt (under development)
  • Iran
  • Iraq (under development)
  • Israel (under development)
  • Jordan/Lebanon/Syria (under development)
  • Morocco
  • Ottoman Empire/Balkans
  • Turkey


  • Kurds (under development)
  • Palestinians (under development)