Grades 9-12 Art/Music

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Click here for lesson plans on HS Art or Music.

Extensive collection of music CDs from various parts of the Middle East/Balkans.

Country Themed Culture Kits
Each kit comes with artifacts and activities for teaching about a specific country.

Treasury of Turkish Designs: 670 Motifs from Iznik Pottery
By Azade Akar
A book of designs that can be used in art projects.

Music and Dance Unit
This Lesson plan is from “The Arab World” series. Slides, pictures, cassette, and explanations of Arab music and instruments. The unit itself is designed for a higher level (maybe high school), but it can be easily adapted for a Middle School classroom.


Picturing Iran: Art, Society and Revolution.
By Shiva Balaghi and Lynn Gumpert, eds.
A book showing modern Iranian visual culture of the 1960s and 1970s (just before and during the revolution). Some of the posters shown in the book would be useful in helping your students to understand the reasons behind the revolution.

The Illustrator’s Notebook
By Mohieddin Ellabbad
Award-winning autobiography (with photographs and drawings) of an Egyptian illustrator focusing on his art and how art is connected with his personal experience and the broader context of Egypt’s history. Low reading level.

By Daud Macaulay
The book describes the construction of a 16th century Ottoman mosque.

Islamic Design: A Genius for Geometry
By Daud Sutton
Focusing on Islamic geometric patterns, simple and complex, man-made and in nature, this book offers unique insight into Islamic culture.

Venice and the Islamic World, 828-1797
A beautiful book put out by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It shows the cultural contacts between Venice and the Ottoman Empire.


Art and the Islamic World
VHS format. 32 minutes

Ayasophia (1991)
About the art and architecture of the famous Byzantine cathedral, Hagia

VHS format

Circle within the Square
History of the famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan and his legacy.
VHS format. 52 minutes

The Glories of Islamic Art
Three 45-minute videos with beautiful cinematography and descriptions of the place of art within the Muslim tradition. Part 1: The Umayyads and Their Capital Damascus,” Part 2: “The Ottomans and Their Capital Istanbul,” Part 3: “Two Islamic Regimes in Cairo.”
VHS format.

Maxx, an Iranian film, in Persian with English subtitles, is a musical comedy about a rap musician from the U.S., who is accidentally invited to Iran….
DVD format. 110 min.

Persian Rug: Home Is Where the Carpet Is ( 1998)
Documentary on the making and meaning of Persian carpets.
VHS format. 30 minutes

Topkapi Palace: General Outlines (1991)
Description of the art and architecture of this magnificent Ottoman palace.
VHS format.

The Traditional World of Islam: Part 4 – The Pattern of Beauty
About Muslim art.
 VHS format. 25 min.

UCSB Middle East Ensemble Concert
A musical concert.
 VHS format.

Um Kulthum: A Voice Like Egypt (1996)
Documentary of the famous Egyptian singer.
VHS format. 67 minutes.

Whose Is This Song?
An anthropologist traces a popular Middle Eastern/Balkan folk song throughout Turkey and the Balkans, exploring the different instruments, meanings, and political implications..
 DVD format.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art has free teacher materials/exhibits on Islamic art, ancient Egyptian art,and others.

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