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From the Haaretz review:

The film's heroes are three boys who live in the southern city [Be'er Sheva]. Every day they have to deal with a reality of serious violence, broken families and people struggling to make ends meet, as well as inter-ethnic conflict. Adiel (Adiel Zamro) is from an Ethiopian family and has to take care of his younger brother because his mother's health is deteriorating. Dima (David Teplitzky), whose parents emigrated from Russia, witnesses their helplessness and humiliation in trying to earn a living, and arranges drug deals with violent criminals. Lastly, Shlomi (Nadir Eldad), who works in a pizzeria, lives with his widowed mother and stepfather and has to suffer the pressure of his older brother, a petty criminal, who is trying to impose his authority on him. When the three are enlisted in the local soccer team, they get a chance to change their lives.

Mushon Salmona

Country of Origin

Hebrew, Amharic, Swahili, Russian

2007 / 93 min