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Tue May 10
Canceled for Now: Celebrating 100 Years of Relations between Egypt and the U.S.
5:30 PM   - Other Events
Fri Apr 22
Populism and Anti-Populism in Turkey: Radical Cynical Responses to Populist Mass Politics
12:00 PM   - Colloquium Series
Fri Apr 08
Communities in Conflict in Mandate Palestine: Repression, Resistance, and Community Displacement
3:00 PM   - Colloquium Series
Sat Apr 02
Cochise College Film Screening: "The Tentmakers of Cairo"
6:00 PM   - Other Events
Fri Mar 25
Career Talk with Jace Livingston
10:30 AM   - Student Professional Development Series
Fri Mar 04
Late Persianate/Late Soviet: The Poeticity of Poetic Cinema from Parajanov to Makhmalbaf
3:00 PM   - Colloquium Series
Mon Feb 28
Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition! Racial and Religious Issues from Spain to Latin America and North Africa
4:30 PM to 7:00 PM   - Outreach Events
Fri Feb 11
Gardens and Landscapes: Origins and Evolution in Central Asia
3:00 PM   - Colloquium Series
Fri Feb 04
The Persianate World: What Is It? How Did It Appear? Why Did It Collapse?
3:00 PM   - Colloquium Series
Fri to Sat Jan 21 to Jan 22
Internationalizing Your Community College Curriculum
3:00 PM to 4:30 PM   - Outreach Events
Wed Dec 08
Understanding Academic Culture in Uzbekistan: Possible Cognitive Challenges Towards the Internationalization of the Country's Higher Education
4:00 PM   - Colloquium Series
Thu Dec 02
FLAS Information Session
5:00 PM   - Other Events
Wed Dec 01
Between the Universal and Particular: Lessons from Suhrawardi
3:00 PM   - Colloquium Series
Fri Nov 19
"Central Asia: Global and Local Wisdom": Working Sessions to Develop Classroom Materials, Resources, and Syllabi
3:00 PM to 4:30 PM   - Other Events
Thu Nov 18
Loft Cinema Film Festival: "Hive"
11:30 AM   - Other Events