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Wed, 12/02/2015 - 7:00pm

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From the The Hollywood Reporter review:

Veteran Israeli actor Sasson Gabay plays Fidelman, an old-fashioned wood restorer who is lost after his partner of 40 years passes away. With a perpetual two-day growth and a scowl on his face, Fidelman is as broken down as the shop he runs in an old section of Tel Aviv. Since the death of his wife and growing distance from his son Noah (Nevo Kimchi), Fidelman seems to have little connection to the world beyond the sawdust of workplace.

But this is not exactly a booming business and Noah is eager to turn the property into apartments, further alienating father and son. Even the pregnancy of Noah's wife Hava (Sarah Adler) does little to lift the old man's spirits. Against all odds, he is holding on to the life he has known for years, and something has to change.

When that change arrives it's hardly noticeable. Fidelman hires Anton (Henry David) to help him clean up and do menial work around the shop. He's a mysterious young man running away form his family's wealth and his past as an accomplished musician. It's never really explained what has set him on this path, but gradually he and Fidelman form a fragile bond, replacing the one missing with his son. Further complicating this triangle is an attraction between Anton and Sarah.

As Fidelman's finances become more desperate, Anton discovers an antique Steinway piano in the store that could solve all their problems if it can be restored. But that requires a recast metal frame and delicate scraping and staining, work that brings the old man and his helper closer together.


Yossi Madmony

Country of Origin


2011 / 102 min

Kamilia Rahmouni


Manuel Pacheco Integrated Learning Center (ILC)

1500 E. University Boulevard, Room 150