The University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern Studies is one of only 19 National Resource Centers on the Middle East in the United States. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the Center’s mission is to advance knowledge and understanding of the Middle East through education, scholarship, faculty and student support, and community outreach. The following is a list of our services.

Books for K-12 Classrooms:

Background Information for Educators - Click here.  (to use in preparation for classes or to distribute as handouts for high school or college students)

Lesson Plans

K-16 Accredited Teacher Workshops - Click here.

Outreach Lending Resource Library - Click here.  (Books, DVDs, Music CDs, Culture Kits for classroom use)

Speakers' Bureau - Click here. (speakers for your classes)

Annual Lesson Plan Competition - Click here.

Travel Abroad Summer Programs - Click here.

Summer Seminars for Teachers and Students - Click here.

AP World History Resources - Click here.

Film Guides - Click here.

Countering Islamophobia - Click here.

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