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Resources for K-14 Educators

From this page, you can access the the many resources we have for K-14 educators to use. Our Outreach Library is currently undergoing some improvements to make it easier for you to access the 300+ books, videos, and other materials in our collection.

Books for K-12 Classrooms - Click here.

Background Information for Educators - Click here.  (to use in preparation for classes or to distribute as handouts for high school or college students)

Lesson Plans

Resources for teaching about Contemporary Middle Eastern conflicts - Click here.

K-16 Accredited Teacher Workshops - Click here.

Outreach Lending Resource Library - Click here.  (Books, DVDs, Music CDs, Culture Kits for classroom use)

Speakers' Bureau - Click here. (speakers for your classes)

Annual Lesson Plan Competition - Click here.

AP World History Resources - Click here.

Film Guides - Click here.

Countering Islamophobia - Click here.

Arabic Language Exposure for Teachers' Personal Learning: overview of the language, speaking: common phrases, writing/alphabet, resources for further learning - Click here.

Language Resources (Middle Eastern Languages available: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish): Rosetta Stone is offering 3 months of free access to students - Click here.


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