Teach Syria 2011

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies planned to conduct a Fulbright-Hays Curriculum Development Teach Syria program. The intention was to take thirteen full-time K-12 educators and pre-service educators to Syria for four weeks during summer 2011.  The goal of the program was to assist elementary and secondary educators in integrating area studies and language exposure into many segments of the curriculum and several different content areas.  Leila Hudson, a professor of Middle Eastern history and anthropology, who is also fluent in Arabic, was going to be the scholar/escort in charge of the academic programming before and during the trip. Teach Syria centered on the theme “Layers of Civilization.”  Syrian history is extensive and varied, extending back in time to the dawn of civilization. For the past 5,000 years, Syria has been a crossroads where European, Middle Eastern, and North African civilizations intersect. The trip was canceled due to the outbreak of the civil war in Syria.   

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