Lesson Plan Competition 2010

CMES holds an annual lesson plan competition for Arizona teachers. CMES recognizes K-12 teachers who demonstrate creativity and high academic standards through their development of unique lesson plans related to the Middle East. Lesson plans include Academic K-12 Standards set by the Arizona Department of Education and are assessed by a committee consisting of a University of Arizona College of Education faculty member, an Arizona teacher, and CMES' Outreach Coordinator.

2010 Lesson Plan Competition Winners and Their Award Winning Lesson Plans:


First Place: "Reality Check: You Won’t See These Muslims on TV"

Name: Ben Breault
Institutional Affiliation: KIPP Sunnyside High School
Grades: 8-12
This unit was written for use in a school which provides special education services to emotionally disturbed and learning disabled from almost 50 diverse school districts in Western New York. Background knowledge about Islam and Muslims varies widely, but in general, the students know little about the subject and many have negative opinions of Islam and Muslims.

  • Unit Plan 
  • Lesson Plans 
  • Pre-Test
  • Turkish and Syrian Cities Powerpoint 
  • Who Are Muslims? Powerpoint 
  • Hate Crimes in the News Powerpoint
  • Post-Test 

Second Place: “The Arts & Culture of the Berber Tribes of Morocco and the Sahara”

Name: Lorna Holmes
Grades: 7-12
This lesson in art and art history explores the culture and traditions of the Berber tribes of Morocco, showing the interaction of the people’s history, lifestyle, and art.

  • Powerpoint 

Honorable Mention: "Ottoman Empire Unit”

Name: Stacy Hercules
Grades: 9-12
This lesson includes a comprehensive PowerPoint and materials to teach about the politics, culture, and religions of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Ottoman Empire 1 Powerpoint
  • Ottoman Empire 2 Powerpoint
  • Powerpoint Notes

Honorable Mention: “This I Believe -The Politics of Identity and the Headscarf in Modern Turkey”

Name: Wendy Youngblood
Institutional Affiliation: Shepaug Valley High School
Grades: 11-12
In this lesson, students learn more about the place of women in Islam by studying Islamic dress. Students read passages from the Quran, read articles about Muslim women, and examine photos of various styles of Islamic dress.
  • Powerpoint 

Honorable Mention: “A Day at the Beach”

Name: Karen Lieneke
Grades: 9-12
In this geography lesson focusing on the Palestinian-Israeli situation, students use geography skills to plan a trip and then discover the role that politics plays in their ability to carry out their plans.
  • Map 

Honorable Mention: “Contributions of Islamic Civilization”

Name: Saviz Safizadeh
Institutional Affiliation: Pierce Middle School
Grades: 7-12
Students examine primary source images and do short computer-based research to learn more about Muslim contributions to world civilization.
  • Lesson Plan

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