FLAS Fellows

2020-2021 Fellows
Title VI (US Department of Education) Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Academic Year and Summer fellowships are offered through the University of Arizona's Center for Middle Eastern Studies.


Fellow (department), language/level, program



Undergraduate Fellows

- Casey Hagg (MENAS/ Arabic/ Political Science), Advanced Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

- Sophia Moghimi (History/ Persian/ Physiological and Medical Sciences), Intermediate Persian

Graduate Fellows

- Lameese Ahmad (MENAS), Introductory Persian

- Samantha Goodrich (History), Advanced Turkish 

- Seth McCombie (MENAS), 5th Year Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

- Olivia Odell (MENAS), Advanced Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

- Lexie Palmer (MENAS), Introductory Persian

- Brittany Power (MENAS), Intermediate Moroccan Arabic

- Zane Stull (Political Science), Advanced Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

- Andrew Wickersham (History), Advanced Turkish



Undergraduate Fellows

- Joshua Ghorbani (Neuroscience and Cognitive Science), Intermediate Persian

- Serene Goodman (Arabic and Global Studies), 3rd Year Advanced Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

- Matthew Harwood (Anthropology), 3rd Year Advanced Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) 

- Lydia Risley (MENAS), 4th Year Advanced Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) 

Graduate Fellows

- Lameese Ahmad (MENAS), Intermediate Persian

- Tate Crossley (MENAS), Advanced Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

- Kirsten Drehobl (Development Practice), Advanced Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

- Seth McCombie (MENAS), Advanced Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

- Olivia Odell (MENAS), Advanced Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

- Lexie Palmer (Roshan), Intermediate Persian

- Andrew Zonoozi (Roshan), Intermediate Persian


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