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FLAS Fellows

2018-2019 Fellows
Title VI (US Department of Education) Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Academic Year and Summer fellowships are offered through the University of Arizona's Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

Fellow (department), language/level, program


-Jake Abtahi (MENAS), Undergraduate, Intermediate Russian

-Neal Feldman (MENAS), Graduate, Advanced Modern Standard Arabic

-Chelsea Forer (Anthropology), Undergraduate, Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic

-Samantha Goodrich (History), Graduate, Intermediate Turkish

-Yezan Hassan (Arabic), Undergraduate, Advanced Modern Standard Arabic 

-Danielle Kirchoff (Arabic/MENAS), Undergraduate, Advanced Modern Standard Arabic 

-Jared Lindsey (Arabic/MENAS), Undergraduate, Advanced Modern Standard Arabic 

-Madeleine Rodish (Global Studies and Arabic), Undergraduate, Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic

-Rachel Rosenbaum (Anthropology), Graduate, Advanced Modern Standard Arabic



Undergraduate Fellows

-Amin Abtahi (Arabic/Pre-Nursing/Russian), Advanced Arabic

-Matthew Barngrover (MENAS/Political Science/Turkish), Advanced Turkish

-Ariella Lee (Business Administration), Advanced Persian

-Alexandra Palmer (Arabic/MENAS), Advanced Modern Standard Arabic

-Michael Sauers (Arabic/German Studies/Political Science), Advanced Modern Standard Arabic

-Julia Ann Schimmel (Arabic/MENAS/Political Science), Adanced Modern Standard Arabic

-Talia Sherman (MENAS/Political Science), Advanced Modern Standard Arabic

-Madeleine Rodish (Arabic/Global Studies/ MENAS), Advanced Modern Standard Arabic


Graduate Fellows

-Robin Brackett (Roshan GIDP), Advanced Persian

-Renee Spellman (MENAS), Intermediate Hebrew

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