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Western Consortium Middle East Language Workshop

Preparing language learners to operate in an environment permeated with digital technologies and new ways of meaning-making necessitates a reconsideration of the concept of literacy in the L2 classroom.  This workshop addressed the importance of integrating new literacies into the curriculum to attend to the needs of the ‘digital natives’ who populate our classrooms and explored various pedagogies that prepare them to be global professionals in the 21st century.

Here we have compiled a list of resources that were discussed at the conference and which can be used to assist the development of multiple literacies in the classroom. 





Kumagai, Yuri, Ana López-Sánchez, and Suzhuan Wu. Multiliteracies in World Language EducationRoutlidge, 2015. Print

Paesani, Kate, Heather Willis Allen, and Beatrice Dupuy. A Multiliteracies Framework for Collegiate Foreign Language Teaching. 1st ed. Pearson, 2016. Print.







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