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Hybrid Turkish Course for Advanced Learners

  • The low number of registered students in advanced level courses of Turkish often force departments to either offer a loosely structured course or in many occasions, no class at all.
  • We are developing a hybrid course for advanced level learners of Turkish in the country
  • Based on academic calendars of institutions showing interest in the project, the length of the course is 12 weeks and consists of two 70-min synchronous meetings online and one 50-min face-to-face meeting on local campuses. 
  • The project is theoretically informed by modern approaches to second language learning in online settings and New London Group’s Multiliteracies Approach to language teaching and learning, which argues that students should be taught language and literacy skills in a combined way rather than discretely (e.g., speaking, reading)
  • Informed by guidelines of AATT, ACTFL, and Common European Framework of Reference for languages, we are developing descriptions for the level students are expected to reach by taking this course
  • There are two courses that are planned starting Fall 2015; Turkish 403 (First-semester Third-year Turkish) and Turkish 404 (Second-semester Third-year Turkish).
  • The themes of 12 units being developed for Turkish 403 include but are not limited to music, literature, education, environment, and gastronomy.  Authentic texts in the relevant themes are prepared with the help of the texts available on the Internet.
  • While the instructor in UA campus is leading the course, teaching assistants/tutors are mainly responsible for face-to-face meetings in their own campuses and take a more tailored approach.
  • The assignments that are developed are as authentic and meaningful as possible. For instance, following a discussion on arabesque music subculture in Turkey, students are expected to listen to an arabesque radio station and are encouraged to participate in the program by leaving a note to the DJs. 
  • Although activities such as taking vocabulary quizzes, participating in weekly discussions in course management system and synchronous meetings are graded, the main evaluation will be done through the assessment of two mid-terms and one final assignment. For mid-term assignments, two web-quests with alternative tasks for students to complete are developed.

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