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“The Arizona in Jordan program far exceeded any expectations I had for a study abroad program. Not only were the classes of equal quality of ones that the University of Arizona offered (if not better), but the experiences I had on the trip were far more valuable than I could have anticipated. The program made me approach going to Jordan not as a tourist or visitor, but as someone trying to immerse themselves in the culture and language of the country, which was a mindset that helped me gain a far better understanding of the Middle East than I had before going on the trip. The Ethnography class was amazing; all the readings were fascinating and relevant, and the final project of making an ethnography of a cafe was great for forcing me to examine not only situations closer, but also my own interpretations of those situations. My teacher for the Jordanian Arabic class was perhaps one of the best language teachers I have ever had, and I think I learned more Arabic in six weeks of class than I did in two years of U of A classes.”

Connor S., University of Arizona


“The program was fantastic and our professors were absolutely first class. A couple of things really surprised me though. The first thing that hit me was our level of autonomy there and I'll admit it was very intimidating at first. However, that autonomy was probably responsible for at least half of my learning, both culturally and linguistically, while I was in Jordan.”

Joe M., University of Maryland – College Park


“My experience with the University of Arizona in Jordan was nothing short of outstanding. Having never ventured outside of my home state before, I was apprehensive about many aspects of traveling abroad – where I would stay, how I would get around or communicate effectively. However, because of the work done by the UA program director and the CIEE instructors, I never felt at a disadvantage adapting culturally or linguistically.”

Addison B., University of North Texas


“This summer’s program was an awesome opportunity to learn Arabic, embrace the culture, and make lifelong friends. The classes were challenging, but they served to strengthen my language skills and increase my confidence in discussions and conversations.”

Sunrise W., University of Arizona


“Arizona in Jordan offered me a chance to see and share in an entirely new part of culture and humanity. The program simultaneously developed my Arabic proficiency in both formal and informal listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The cultural immersion, exploration, and interaction I experienced with Jordan and its people will remain with me as some of my fondest memories. It was the trip of a lifetime.”

Dan S., Claremont McKenna College





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