Student Organizations

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The MSA is a national network of student-led groups aiming to help individuals and groups understand the religion of Islam while promoting cultural diversity and tolerance. The MSA also contributes to the general community with campus-orientated community service events which lend a hand to strengthening bonds between Muslim and non-Muslim students.

For the past several years, the MSA of the University of Arizona has annually held a Fastathon, an event where students are encouraged to pledge to fast, as a part of a major fundraiser and culture awareness event. In 2006 and 2007, the MSA UA raised over 2000 dollars for the Tucson Community Food bank, and more than 300 students experienced a day in the life of a fasting Muslim student in Ramadan, a holy month in Islam. In light of the widespread confusion about the Islamic faith in America today, the MSA annually launches an awareness campaign aimed at educating students about the basics of Islam, abolishing false stereotypes, and increasing cultural awareness. The MSA UA holds Islamic Awareness Week in April.

The MSA's mission is to:

  • strengthen the fraternal bonds among its members, and promote friendly relations between Muslim and non-Muslim students,
  • help individuals and groups understand Islam and promote cultural understanding among members and the campus community,
  • organize and provide facilities for the religious and social activities on and off campus, and
  • provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to the benefit of the University community.


The University of Arizona’s Center for Leadership and Involvement sponsors other student clubs and organizations including some related to the Middle East.

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