Regulatory Terminologies in Palestinians’ Everyday Life


Tue, 11/29/2022 - 3:30pm


Professor Rami Salameh, Chairperson, Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies and Director, Master’s Program in Contemporary Arab Studies, Birzeit University; Palestinian American Research Center Scholar Fall 2022


How is the everyday life of Palestinians, when one lives with different regulatory authorities amid multi[1]domains of power, being conceptualized by ordinary Palestinians? How is it that the recent history of thorough regulations and privatizations, in this post-colonial colony of complex amalgamation of powers, produces everyday life understandings? These questions about the relationship between domains of power, everyday life, and discourse are central to this research project.  It aims to explore Palestinians’ perception of their everyday life, by outlining the different repetitive terms they use to narrate their everydayness, and, with them, the state of being and consciousness here and now. 


Please note, the talk will be presented in a graduate seminar, “Ethnography of the Middle East: Issues and Methods” in Marshall 490. Interested faculty and students are welcome to attend!