Academic Year Project GO

Project GO at UA provides ROTC students with enhanced training in Arabic language and Middle Eastern culture, designed to enable UA's ROTC officer candidates to enter the U.S. military with invaluable linguistic and cultural knowledge.

Academic year benefits include the following for ROTC students in Project GO:

  • No cost individual tutoring
  • Individual native Arabic-speaking language partners
  • Arabic language film screenings and lectures
  • Other cultural activities involving Tucson's Arab population

Academic year participation will make UA ROTC students highly competitive for funding for summer immersion programs, which are open to ROTC students nationwide. There are 14 funded scholarships for the Arizona in Jordan program (10 PGO and 4 PGO-Advanced), and 10 funded scholarships for the on-campus Arabic program in Tucson, AZ. 

We are currently accepting applications for continuing and new Project GO students.

To apply for Project GO Arabic training at UA for the upcoming semester as:

For more information, please contact or contact Genliscia Edwards, Arabic Special Programs coordinator at (520) 621-0298.


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