Faculty Members

Madelaine Adelman's picture
Madelaine Adelman
Associate Professor, Justice and Social Inquiry, School of Social Transformation, ASU
Email: mad@asu.edu
TEL: (480) 965-4886
Office: Tempe Campus
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Souad Ali's picture
Souad Ali
Associate Professor of Arabic Literature & Middle East/Islamic Studies, School of International Letters and Cultures, Head of Classics and Middle East Studies, Director of Arabic Studies, ASU
Email: Souad.Ali@asu.edu
TEL: (480) 965-4586
Office: PO Box 870202, Tempe, AZ 85287-0202
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Golsheed Bagheri's picture
Golsheed Bagheri
Instructor, Department of History, Pima Community College; CMES ISPP Fellow (2021-2022)
Email: gbagheri1@pima.edu
TEL: 520-621-5450
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Patricia Bigwood's picture
Patricia Bigwood
Sociology Instructor, Cochise College; CMES ISPP Fellow (Fall 2016 and Spring 2018)
Email: bigwoodp@cochise.edu
TEL: (520) 417-4012
Office: D-GEN/1111
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Benjamin Broome's picture
Benjamin Broome
Professor, School of Human Communication, ASU
Email: benjamin.broome@asu.edu
TEL: (480) 965-0394
FAX: (480) 965-4291
Office: PO Box 871205, Tempe, AZ 85287-1205
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Naomi Caffee's picture
Naomi Caffee
Assistant Professor of Russian, Russian Department, Division of Literature and Languages Reed College
Email: caffee@reed.edu
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Faisal Chaudhry's picture
Faisal Chaudhry
Assistant Professor of Law & History, School of Law, University of Dayton
Email: fchaudhry1@udayton.edu
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Pearce Paul Creasman's picture
Pearce Paul Creasman
Director, American Center of Oriental Research [Amman & Washington DC]
Email: pcreasman@acorjordan.org
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Erika Derkas's picture
Erika Derkas
Professor, Sociology and Women's Studies and Co-Director of the NMHU Women's Studies Program & Women's Center, New Mexico Highlands University
Email: ederkas@nmhu.edu
TEL: 011-505-454-3432
Office: Box 9000, Las Vegas, NM 87701
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Shyla Dogan's picture
Shyla Dogan
Assistant Professor of Division of Educational Leadership and Innovation, ASU
Email: shylad@email.arizona.edu
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Chouki El Hamel's picture
Chouki El Hamel
Professor, History, ASU
Email: chouki@asu.edu
TEL: (480) 727-6118
Office: P.O. Box 874302, Tempe, AZ 85287-4302
Chouki El Hamel is a professor of history in the School of...
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Steven Falconer's picture
Steven Falconer
Professor and Chair, Anthropology
Email: sfalcon1@uncc.edu
TEL: (704) 687-7459
Office: Barnard 218, University of North Carolina Charlotte
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Miguel Fernandez's picture
Miguel Fernandez
English Composition Faculty; CMES ISPP Fellow (Spring 2019)
Email: miguel.fernandez@cgc.edu
TEL: (480) 726-4052
Office: Pecos EST202
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Malay Firoz's picture
Malay Firoz
Assistant Professor, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, ASU
Email: mfiroz@asu.edu
Office: West Campus, Mailcode 3051
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Abdullahi Gallab's picture
Abdullahi Gallab
Associate Professor, African and African American Studies, School of Social Transformation Associate Professor, Religious Studies, School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies
Email: abdullahi.gallab@asu.edu
TEL: (480) 965-7682
Office: ASU
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Faten Ghosn's picture
Faten Ghosn
Professor, Department of Government, University of Essex, Colchester, UK
Email: f.ghosn@essex.ac.uk
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David Gramling's picture
David Gramling
Professor, Department of Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Email: david.gramling@ubc.ca
Office: Buchanan Tower 917
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Monica Ketchum's picture
Monica Ketchum
Professor of History at Arizona Western College; CMES ISPP Fellow (Fall 2019)
Email: monica.ketchum@azwestern.edu
TEL: (928) 344-7646
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Samia Kholoussi's picture
Samia Kholoussi
Instructor, Pima Community College
Email: skholoussi@pima.edu
Office: Downtown Campus
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Anne Kilmer's picture
Anne Kilmer
Prof. Emerita, NES, UC Berkeley
Email: adkilmer@socrates.berkeley.edu
Office: 250 Barrows Hall
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Alan Malter's picture
Alan Malter
Associate Professor, Department of Managerial Studies, College of Business Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago
Email: amalter@uic.edu
TEL: (312) 413-4142
Office: 2221 University Hall
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Mickey Marsee's picture
Mickey Marsee
English professor at Chandler-Gilbert Community College; CMES ISPP Fellow (Fall 2020)
Email: mickey.marsee@cgc.edu
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Amir Meraban's picture
Amir Meraban
Assistant Professor, Business Management at Iḷisaġvik College
Email: ameraban@email.arizona.edu
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Nicholas Mowad's picture
Nicholas Mowad
Philosophy Faculty, Chandler-Gilbert Community College; CMES ISPP Fellow (Spring 2019)
Email: nicholas.mowad@cgc.edu
TEL: (480) 726-4133
Office: GIL 127
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Rudolph Navarro's picture
Rudolph Navarro
Professor of Art History, Phoenix College; CMES ISPP Fellow (Fall 2019)
Email: navarro@phoenixcollege.edu
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Senzil Nawid's picture
Senzil Nawid
Research Affiliate, Southwest Institute for Research on Women, University of Arizona
Email: s.nawid@cox.net
TEL: (520) 621-7338
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Robert Poirier's picture
Robert Poirier
Professor, Department of Politics & International Affairs
Email: robert.poirier@nau.edu
TEL: (520) 523-6529
FAX: (520) 523-6777
Office: SBS, 322
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Scott Reese's picture
Scott Reese
Professor, History, Northern Arizona University
Email: scott.reese@nau.edu
TEL: (928) 523-9049
Office: LA 344
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Jeremy Ruth's picture
Jeremy Ruth
Adjunct Faculty,Estrella Mountain Community College; CMES ISPP Fellow (Spring 2020)
Email: Jeremy.ruth@estrellamountain.edu
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Entisar “Vivi” Sabbagh's picture
Entisar “Vivi” Sabbagh
Anthropologist; Advisory Board, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Arizona
Email: Entisarsabbagh@aol.com
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