Possible topics include:

  • Country Specific Themes (i.e. Iran, Iraq, Egypt etc.)
  • Islam and Religions of the Region
  • Politics
  • Conflict and Resolution
  • Holidays (Religious and State)
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • The Ancient Middle East


Would your class or community group like to have a guest speaker address issues related to the Middle East? When possible, CMES will arrange for a University of Arizona student (from a Middle Eastern country or an American expert in Middle Eastern Studies), UA faculty member, or a visiting scholar to give a guest lecture to K-12 and post-secondary classes or to community groups.

If you want to arrange a speaker for your class or group, email Abby Limmer - alimmer@arizona.edu.

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Below are descriptions of a few of our speakers, our 2022-2023 "Outreach Scholars." These are students from or with extensive experience in the Middle East who give talks on behalf of CMES. 

Mourad Abdennebi is a PhD Student from Morocco in the Second Language Acquisition and Teaching program. He can speak knowledgeably about North Africa, development in North Africa, Arabic, Islam, Moroccan culture and food, and other topics. 

Mohanad AlMokhadm is PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering from Saudi Arabia. He is happy to speak about Islam, Arabian history and culture, and other topics. 
Yigit Bayman is a PhD Student  from Turkey in the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies. He is happy to talk about Turkey, Ottoman and post-Ottoman Turkish history, Turkish culture, basic Islam, and more. 
Mine Egbatan is a PhD student from Turkey in Cultural Anthropology. She studies disabilities in Turkey, and can speak about that topic, as well as Turkish culture, education, women's issues, and more. 

 Muhammet Topal is a PhD student from Turkey in the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies. His focus is on the late Ottoman empire, and he can also speak about modern Turkey, its culture, educational systems, Islam, and more. 

Yasir al-Fulayih (not pictured) is a PhD student from Saudi Arabia in Mechanical Engineering. He looks forward to talking about Arabian culture and arts, and can also speak about life in Saudi Arabia and Islam. 


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