Innovative Lessons on Morocco: Bridging Cultures and Continents

Lesson Plans
The materials below are from a 2019 University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern Studies Fulbright-Hays project.

Content Area Lesson Plans (in reverse order by grade level)

Sacred Water (Communications)
By: Azra Mahmoud
Lesson Grade: College level
Migrations Across Morocco: Community College Writing/Research Assignment (English, Human Geography, History) 
By: Lisa Adeli
Lesson Grade: College level
Arabic Calligraphy (Art History)   
By: Rudy Navarro
Lesson Grade: College level

Practical Resources for Internationalizing Curriculum and Supporting International and Cultural Awareness through Landays: Women Resistance Poetry from Afghanistan (Art)   

By: Miguel Fernandez
Lesson Grade: College level

Africa: Major Geographic Features

By: Linda Smith 
Lesson Grade: High School/College
Examining Modern Morocco Through Murals and Migration 
By: Tara Ann Carter
Lesson Grade: High School
Jews on the Move: Migration of Moroccan Jews
By: Teresa Seabolt
Lesson Grade: High School
Morocco Lesson Plan
By: Clover Bolton
Lesson Grade: High School
A Comparative Study of Two Political Cultures: Utilizing Constitutuional Documents as Mirrors and Windows of Moroccan and American National Identities
By: John Baldridge
Lesson Grade: High School
Migrations Across Morocco
By: Lisa Adeli
Lesson Grade: High School
Morocco and Muslim-Jewish Relations
By: Ben Coppolo
Lesson Grade: High School
Case Study: Morocco Unit II: Population and Migration Patterns and Processes 
By: Linda Grosvenor
Lesson Grade: 9-12 World History
Students will be able to analyze and examine the goods, documents, and importance of people, geography, objects, and technology in the Indian Ocean Basin. This webquest may be used to introduce the trade simulation.
Mapping the Spread of Ideas and Culture of Morocco
By: Deanna Jones 
Lesson Grade: Middle School
Life in the Borderlands: Morocco and Spain Inquiry
By: Mariah Pol 
Lesson Grade: Middle School