Innovative Lessons on Bosnia-Albania: "Balkan Borderlands: Multi-Culturalism, Identities, and Histories in Europe’s Muslim Countries"

Lesson Plans
The materials below are from a 2017 Fulbright-Hays project implemented by the University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern  and Maricopa Community College (MCC) Office of International Education. 

Content Area Lesson Plans (in reverse order by grade level)

Explaining Sarajevo's Sniper Alley in Light of the Classic Social Psychology Experiments
By, Bill Farrar
Lesson Grade: College level
Perspectives on War and Survival: Contemporary Bosnian Poetry 
By: Brandon Cleworth
Lesson Grade: College Level
Social Justice Art 
By: David Bradley
Lesson Grade: College Level
Writing about the Bosnian Genocide
By: John Liffiton
Lesson Grade: College Level
Old Bridges, New Perspectives
By: Joseph Swaba
Lesson Grade: College Level
Genocide and Mass Grave Exhumation
By: Lisa Marsio
Lesson Grade: College Level
Looking Beyond the Surface: History, Forgetting, and the Politics of National Reconciliation
By: Robert Soza
Lesson Grade: College Level
Examples of Bosnia for English Classes
By: Athena Kalia
Lesson Grade: High School
Whose Land is it Anyway?
By: Linda Burrows
Lesson Grade: High School
Weaving Balkan Exemplars into the Tapestry of World History
By: Rachael Henry
Lesson Grade: High School
18th and 19th Century Homes in Sarajevo SAQ
By: Robin Pakka
Lesson Grade: High School
Bringing Bosnia Back: A DBQ Approach
By: Suzanne Vogt
Lesson Grade: High School
Balkans 8th Grade Writing Lesson
By: Laurie Ware
Lesson Grade: Middle School