Travel in Bosnia

How to Get to Bosnia:

The trip begins and ends in Sarajevo, but there are no direct flights there from anywhere in the U.S. I would suggest flying to Zagreb, Croatia on a U.S. carrier and then taking the short Bosnian Air flight to Sarajevo. Other people find cheap tickets through Istanbul, Turkey, if that is something you want to do right now. You can also go through Vienna or Munich or other places - it depends what airline you prefer and/or if you want to go somewhere else in Europe before or after the trip. Ask Lisa Adeli for advice if you need help figuring out how to get there for the lowest price.  

What the Weather Will Be Like (aka: What to Wear):

The weather should be glorious in April, but you should be prepared for everything! Bosnia could be cold - that picture of Sarajevo in the snow was taken in mid-April! But the day before, we were walking around without a jacket. And remember that we will be on Mt. Vlasic too, where it will definitely be colder. The region of Herzegina, however, is warmer, and we will be there a few days. The city of Dubrovnik is on the Adriatic Sea and has a Mediterranean climate. So prepare to dress in layers. 

More Information on Our Itinerary and What to Do during Free Times:

There is so much to do and see in Bosnia that you could be there for months and still not see everything. If you love history, well, there's a LOT of it. If you like hiking (or walking), you can do that too. You might have fun checking out small shops, eating in local restaurants/cafes, stopping in at innumerable places of workship (churches, mosques, synagogues), visiting 19th century homes, or exploring parks. If you ask Lisa Adeli, she can come up with enough suggestions to keep you busy for a long, long time!  

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