Lisa Adeli, Scholar-Escort/Trip Leader

Trip leader Dr. Lisa Adeli has traveled to forty countries on five continents, but her favorite place of all is Bosnia-Herzegovina! Why? It is a country that is truly a crossroads, a borderland connecting Western European, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern civilizations. The country's cultural and religious diversity result in interesting architecture, great food, and a rich musical and literary tradition. The people are warm with a wonderfully quirky sense of humor. The natural environment is varied and often breathtakingly beautiful. And best of all, it has a complex (though often difficult) history that challenges you at every turn. And Adeli takes history seriously - she has a Ph.D. in the subject, specializing in the modern history of the former-Yugoslavia, particularly Bosnia and Croatia! (Several decades ago, while in her early 20s, she even studied Modern Yugoslav History in the master's program at the University of Belgrade, where she acquired a knowledge of the language that Bosnians find entertaining - since it's the Serbian dialect - but comprehensible.)   
In her professional life, Lisa Adeli wears a number of hats. She is the full-time Director of Educational Outreach for the University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), where she develops programs for teachers, community college educators, and the community - and writes grants to fund them. Because of her work with K-12 educators - and her background as a high school teacher, she also teaches two classes at Cholla High School. In her not-so-abundant free time, she volunteers as a staff member with the non-profit Educators' Institute for Human Rights (EIHR), a group of U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Teacher Fellows who work with educators in countries that have experienced a genocide. In all these capacities - and privately, as well - she has traveled abroad. She has led or co-led CMES abroad programs for teachers, such as a month-long Fulbright-Hays program to Turkey and the Balkans (2009), a 2-week program to Bosnia (2014), and a month-long Fulbright-Hays program to Oman and Zanzibar (2015). In addition, she co-led an EIHR program in Bosnia for Bosnian educators (2014) and will serve as the academic director/co-leader of a Maricopa Community College Fulbright-Hays month-long program to Bosnia and Albania (2017). There is definitely a pattern here!!
Her personal life also takes her through the Balkans - and to other international destinations. She met and married her husband, a fellow foreign student, in Belgrade, so the fact that he shares her wanderlust shouldn't be a great surprise. (All three of their children - now grown - have inherited this condition.) Husband and wife often visit Serbia, especially, but not only, to celebrate big anniversaries. (Their 30th anniversary in 2011 took them to Bosnia as well as Serbia.) Adeli's husband rolls his eyes when he tells the story of how his historian wife dragged him to Bosnia for another commemoration, the 100th anniversary of the Sarajevo assassination (an admittedly odd non-celebration), but he is quick to agree to a return trip!
Lisa Adeli - intrepid traveler, educator, sometimes Balkan scholar - is very excited about this travel program and invites you to come along. It promises to be a great adventure in a beautiful and fascinating place. 
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