Bosnia-Herzegovina: Crossroads of History and Culture

A 10-Day Trip through Bosnia-Herzegovina
March 17-28, 2017

(organized by the University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern Studies, a Title VI, U.S. Department of Education-designated National Resource Center on the Middle East)


Friday, March 17 Day 0

  • Catch flight from the U.S.
  • Arrive in Sarajevo about noon the next day

Saturday, March 18 - Day 1


  • Arrive in Sarajevo, settle in to a hotel in the Baščaršija (Old Town), a short walking distance from dozens of cultural sites and hundreds of shops and cafes
  • Late afternoon: brief overview of the city
  • Early evening: opening dinner

Sunday, March 19 - Day 2


  • Walking tour of the city (site of assassination of Franz Ferdinand, variety of mosques, churches, and other cultural sites)
  • Free time in the afternoon - with options for further sightseeing - including a viewing of the original Sarajevo Haggadah
  • Possible dinner performance (optional)

Monday, March 20 - Day 3


  • Driving tour of the outskirts of Sarajevo - Tunel museum, a fascinating testimony to resistance during “the last war;” Vrelo Bosne, a nature park; and the second-largest Jewish cemetery in Europe
  • Otional afternoon visit to the Srebrenica Memorial Museum and/or the Jewish Museum  


Tuesday, March 21 - Day 4

Travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia

  • Brief stop to visit the lovely Ottoman bridge in Konjic 
  • Visit the Jablanica Museum, a Partisan World War II site
  • Lunch at Hutovo Blato nature reserve
  • Stop in Stolac to see the famous Bogomil necropolis
  • Visit the Tvrdos Monastery in Trebinje
  • Arrive in Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage city, in the early evening before dinner.

Wednesday, March 22 - Day 5


  • City tour in the morning
  • Free time for leisure and exploring in the afternoon

Thursday, March 23 - Day 6

Travel (short distance) to Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina:

  • Stop off in Počitelj, a beautiful medieval town/fortress
  • Lunch in scenic Blagaj, visit the Sufi “tekija” (monastary)
  • Tour the lovely city of Mostar  

Friday, March 24 - Day 7


  • Visit Medjugorje, a Catholic pilgrimage site
  • Tour a nearby winery
  • See the Kravice waterfall
  • Return to Mostar

Saturday, March 25 - Day 8

Travel in central Bosnia:

  • Tour a medieval fortress, World War II historical sites, waterfall in Jajce
  • Proceed to Mt. Vlašić for dinner and lodging for the night

Sunday, March 26 - Day 9

Return to Sarajevo

  • Explore Vlašić 
  • Lunch in the Ethno house there
  • Stop in Travnik for a quick tour and visit to the Ivo Andric house/museum
  • Dinner with a folk program in Sarajevo

Monday, March 27 - Day 10


  • Free day
  • Closing dinner

Tuesday, March 28 - Leave-Taking

To the airport

  • Return to the U.S. or continue to other destinations

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