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Other Events

Spring 2021

Fall 2020


Summer 2020

Learning Ladino Online (7/28)


Spring 2020

FLAS Informational Session (1/21)

Iran Public Forum (1/23)

Eisenhower Fellows (2/06)

The Story of a Book Found Under Ruins (2/10)

Ludwig W. Adamec and the Architecture of Afghanistan Studies (2/12)

Palestinian Civilian Life in Gaza (2/12)

The Persianate World (2/18)

CMES Internship Funding Awardee Presentation (2/20)

Niyaz Concert(3/05)

Tehran Taboo (4/29)


Fall 2019 

Pizza and Professional Development Social with Nelle Cook (9/04)

Study Abroad Fair (9/05)

7th Annual Fall Used Book Sale (9/13)

Tree Ring Lab Tour (9/18)

Storytelling: The Wicked Tongue and Other Stories of Peace and Justice (9/23)

The Power of Story: Harnessing Diversity in Nonprofits to Increase Community Impact (9/24)

Performance: A Land Twice Promised (9/24)

Beyond Labels: Bridging Differences Through Storytelling (9/25)

Yemen in Tumult: War and Fragmentation (10/1)

Science and Diplomacy in the Middle East: SHEP Diplomacy (10/25)

Will Desalination Resolve the Israel-Arab Water Conflict? (10/28)

Federal Government Careers: Forest Service International Programs (11/08)

Fim Screening "Advocate" (11/09)

Film Screening "The Cave" (11/09)

FLAS Informational Session (11/12)


Spring 2019

Book Launch Party (4/25)

Green Line, Black Panther: Radical Politics in Jerusalem's No Man's Land (4/19)

Yazidi Women and their Pursuit of Justice (4/16)

Judicial Forbearance Advocacy: Conflict and Mediation in Iranian Criminal Courts (4/11)

The 2019 Miranda Joseph Endowed Lecture (3/29)

Naila and the Uprising (3/29)

Spring Equinox in North Africa: Ships, People, and Things in the Sea (3/28)

University of Arizona Language Fair 2019 (3/20)

From NGOs to Consulting: The Benefits of Area Studies in the Professional World (2/27)

CMES Internship Funding Awardee Presentation (2/20)

Eisenhower Fellows Presentations and Discussion (2/14)

A Glimpse into Persian History: The Achaemenids to the Present (2/6)

Journalism Abroad: Building a Career and Study Abroad Opportunity (2/4)

Pop-up Exhibit: 21st Century Arabic-language Poetry in English Translation (1/1-1/31)


Fall 2018

A Retrospective: Dr. Michael E. Bonine’s Photographs of the Middle East (12/1-12/20)

Views of the Middle East (Traveling Exhibit) (12/1-12/20)

Farewell Baghdad (The Dove Flyer)** (11/19)

Loft Film Fest: 3 Faces (11/11 & 11/13)

Stories of the Shahnameh The Book of Kings (Lecture in Persian Language) (11/9)

Loft Film Fest: Distant Constellation (11/9 & 11/14)

China, the Islamic World, and America: Love and Hate in a Triangle (11/5)

Fifth Reaction, Chaikhane Film Screening (10/26)

Discovering Babylon (10/15)

Science and Philosophy in Iran: From Past to Present (Lecture in Persian Language) (10/5)

CMES 6th Annual Fall Used Book Sale (9/14)

Sex Talk about 'Arab Men' in 1970s France (9/13)


Spring 2018

CMES Photography Traveling Exhibit (5/14-5/18)

CMES Photography Traveling Exhibit (5/8-5/11)

Conversation with Laila Khan - Director of Stolen Water along with film screening (4/23)

A Survey from Spain to India and from the 7th Century to Today (4/19)

Visiting Artist: 2Fik (3/29-4/5)

Sabra and Shatila: On Memory, Silence, and Denial (3/29)

CMES Photography Traveling Exhibit (3/19-3/31)

Crossing Borders and Opening Minds (3/11)

Representation in Comics and Graphic Novels (3/11)

Voices from Palestine (3/10)

Medicine and Body Politics (3/10)

Visionary Aesthetics: Flight, Fantasy, & Freedom on the Frontiers of U.S. Empire (2/22)

Craft Talk: Khaled Mattawa (2/8)

Ibn Khaldun: How a 14th century Arab writer can help us decode the chaos in today's Middle East and North Africa (1/31)

What is Teaching World Literature in 2018? (1/19)


Fall 2017

Jewish-Muslim Relations in Bosnia: Holocaust, Bosnian Genocide, and the Present (10/24)

The Holocaust in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Muslim-Christian-Jewish Relations in the Worst of Times (10/23)

Artist's Talk - Wafaa Bilal (9/21)

Film Screening of Besa: The Promise (9/12)

5th Annual Fall Used Book Sale (9/15)


Spring 2017

Children Fleeing Syria: How the Quest for Education has Shaped the Syrian Refugee Crisis (1/27)

CMES Internship Funding Awardee Presentation (2/9)


Fall 2016

Insha'allah and Alhamdulillah: Concepts of Time and Responsibility in Middle Eastern Culture (8/26)

Topics in Persian Music (9/20)

Persian Classical Music Improvisation- Heart Strums (9/21)

The Management of Savagery: An Attempt to Understand ISIS (10/12)

Practicing Jounalism in one of the world's most dangerous counteries: Talk and Q&A (10/13)

The July 15 Coup Attempt and its Aftermath in Turkey (10/13)

Food and Water in Arid Lands Dialogues across Contemporary and Traditional Lands (11/5)

An Introduction to Gaziantep, Turkey as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy (11/7)

Pressing the Rest Button for the U.S.- Saudi Arabia Relations: Establishing Cooperation Beyond Oil and the Military into Agriculture, Food, Education and Society  (11/9)


Spring 2016

A History of Muslim in Bosnia: A Journalist's Prepective (1/20)

Arizona in Turkey Info Session (2/22)

Politics of the Past, Politics of the Future: Governing Youth in Turkey (3/28)

On the Bride's Side (lo sto con la sposa) Film Screening (3/30)

Trapped at the Greek- Macedonian Border: Refugees, Fences, Camps, and the Challenge to Humanitarianism (4/1)

Cosmopolitanism at Work: Migration and Urban Integration in Late Ottoman Jeddah (4/5)

Moraccan Foreign Policy and the Exercise of Balancing Priorities (4/6)

Researching Multilingually in an Era of Neo-Orientalism (4/8)

Suprising Arab Spring (4/8)

A Middle East Transformed: US Foreign Policy & a Crisis of Authority (4/26)

A Journey into Syrian Music (4/27)


Fall 2015

3rd Annual Fall Used Book Sale (9/17)

3rd Annual Fall Used Book Sale (9/18)

Said With Buber: Versions of Binationalism (9/29)

Presentation & Discussion with Author/Illustrator Leila Abdelrazaq (12/3)


Spring 2015

Smugglers, Refugees, and Rebels: Conflict and the Geopolitics of Human Smuggling in the Mediterranean

First to Fall | Film screening and director talk


Fall 2014

"The Social and Religious Situation in Modern Central Asia"


Spring 2014

Peace, Power, and Protests: Challenges of Environmental Sustainability in the Middle East and North Africa Series


Spring 2011

Visiting Lecturers: Ambassador Maen Areikat  & Dr. Stephen Zunes

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