Library Borrowing Policies

Who may check out materials?

K-12 educators, college instructors and professors, and the general public are eligible to check out materials from the CMES Resource Center. 

How do I become a library patron?

To be eligible to check out materials from our library, you must first submit the Library Patron Application Form pdf. The form is in a PDF format and should be completed and emailed to Julie Ellison-Speight - After receipt of your application, you will be assigned a Borrower ID which will be emailed to you at the address you provide. Please keep this number for your records as it will be used to track the books you have checked out and assess any late fees.

How do I check out materials?

Come by the CMES office during regular business hours (8:00 – 5:00 Monday – Friday). NOTE: CMES will be open from 8-4 from 5/14/12 to 8/10/12. Please call ahead of time to ensure someone will be here to assist you.  If you live out of town but still within Arizona, we may be able to send you some materials - as long as you agree to mail them back.  

What is the procedure for checking out materials?

To check out materials, the borrower must register as a library patron using the Library Patron Application Form pdf. Culture kits and audio recordings are checked out for a month at a time, books for 2 weeks, and videos for a week at a time. If a borrower needs to extend the borrowing period of an item, s/he must contact the Outreach Coordinator directly by email or telephone.

The Outreach Center reserves the right to charge late fees for materials not returned in a timely fashion, as well as a full replacement fee for materials lost.

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