Different Sounds, Same Sentiments? Considering the Zurna and the Oboe in Damascus, Syria Page (Everything Else)
Sulukule as an Assemblage: Urban Renewal and Identity in a Dislocated Romani (Gypsy) Community in Istanbul Page (Everything Else)
Debates over the Islamic Marriage Contract among Contemporary Muslim-Arab Intellectuals Page (Everything Else)
Empire and Elites in the Ottoman Seventeenth Century Page (Everything Else)
Excavations at the Female Pharaoh Tausret's (ca. 1190 BCE) Temple of Millions of Years in Luxor, Egypt Page (Everything Else)
MENAS Colloquium Series, Fall 2013 Page (Everything Else)
Ancient Mesopotamia and Modern Iraq – Challenges of Heritage Conservation and Postwar Reconstruction Page (Everything Else)
The Turkish-Kurdish Peace Process: Exploring Truth and Reconciliation Page (Everything Else)
Gezi Protests: An Eventful History Page (Everything Else)
Palestinians in Syria and the Syrian Civil War Page (Everything Else)
Beyond Bamiyan - The Practice of Heritage Conservation in Afghanistan Page (Everything Else)
Partners Against Anti-Semitism: North African Jews and Muslims Respond to Hitler, 1933-1942 Page (Everything Else)
Challenges Facing the Muslim Community in America Page (Everything Else)
Face validity of the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy – Breast Symptom Index (FACT-B) into Arabic: A case-study from Lebanon Page (Everything Else)
MENAS Colloquium Series, Fall 2011 Page (Everything Else)
MENAS Colloquium Series, Spring 2013 Page (Everything Else)
Reporting on Repressive Regimes in Gulf Countries: Why the International Media Matters Page (Everything Else)
MENAS Colloquium Series, Fall 2012 Page (Everything Else)
MENAS Colloquium Series, Spring 2012 Page (Everything Else)
MENAS Colloquium Series Archives Page (Everything Else)
Eat, Pray, Petition: The Daily Life and Travels of a Late Nineteenth-Century Iranian Cleric Page (Everything Else)
Arts and identity: Making Israel and Palestine real through the voices of artists and arts organizations Page (Everything Else)
The Wild Roller Coaster Ride: What to Anticipate for the New Middle East and Its Implications Page (Everything Else)
Critics of religious higher learning in early modern Iran Page (Everything Else)
Who killed Ahmet Yıldız? Sex, citizenship, and justice in a transnational world Page (Everything Else)
Urban revitalization in Muscat, Oman Page (Everything Else)
Afghanistan, heroin and women: Five years on the opium trail Page (Everything Else)
Challenging Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur’an Page (Everything Else)
Power and justice in the Middle East Page (Everything Else)
Save us from the children: Trauma, citizenship and the politics of Palestinian childhood Page (Everything Else)
The case of the 2006 War in Lebanon: Reparations? Reconstruction? Or both? Page (Everything Else)
Literary aestheticism and the formation of the notion of “Islamic civilization” Page (Everything Else)
Bringing art back into history: Some tales from Sultanate-period India Page (Everything Else)
Revolutions well begun, half done: Eyewitnesses to the North African Spring Page (Everything Else)
A concise history of the Kazakh language and its Turkic and Persian elements Page (Everything Else)
Governing holy grounds: Approaches toward managing and regulating religious sites in Israel and Palestine Page (Everything Else)
Media development and the peace-building agenda: A case study of Afghanistan's first independent news agency Page (Everything Else)
Egypt, one year after the revolution Page (Everything Else)
Expanding access to emergency contraception in the Arab world: Lessons learned from Tunisia Page (Everything Else)
Humanism in the age of postnationalism: Explorations through modern Turkey Page (Everything Else)


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