Internship/ Research Funding

CMES Internship/ Research Funding - Will be due on Monday, April 3, 2023

Many valuable internship/research opportunities for students are unpaid or provide minimal financial support. CMES is pleased to offer internship/research funding to undergraduate and graduate students in good standing for internships or research experiences related to Middle Eastern or North African studies in affiliation with a research institute or institution of higher education (IHE). These awards may be used for internships/ research experiences online and/or in-person pending filing all proper travel authorizations/ UA permissions.  


  • Currently enrolled University of Arizona juniors, seniors, and graduate students
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA

Award specifics:

  • Amount: $1000 (possibly up to $2000)
  • Can be used during summer 2023
  • This round of applications will focus on online or in-person research/ internship opportunities. 


  • Internship/ research experience must be a minimum of 6 weeks or 100 hours in length.
  • Internship/ research experience must be related to the applicant’s academic/career goals.
  • Awards contingent upon:
    • Approval of the internship/ research experience if you are seeking formal credit by your home department. Please check with your department for specific internship/ research guidelines and application procedures. An approval letter from the department must be submitted to CMES before the internship/research support funds can be awarded.
    • Student’s acceptance to the Middle East-related internship/ or letter of academic affiliation with a research institute or IHE, in the US or abroad, that is in the CMES award letter. A copy of the official letter/email of acceptance must be submitted to CMES before the internship/ research experience support funds can be awarded.
    • Opportunities considered for this competition will be either virtual or in-person. 

Students who receive a CMES internship/ research experience award will be required, upon their return, to

  • Submit a report (maximum 2 pages) detailing how the internship/research experience will further your career/studies goals. Due date is two months after the end of the internship/ research period.
  • Submit 2-5 digital photos (png or jpeg format) of the experience.
  • Make a short presentation for other students about their internship/ research experience.
  • File all proper travel authorizations - if going internationally there is a UA International Travel Registry that students must complete to receive this award. 

Application packet should include:

  1. CMES internship/ research experience funding application (typed)
  2. Copy of internship/ research experience application and materials submitted to home department.
  3. Resume/CV
  4. Statement of purpose (maximum 500 words) explaining how this Middle East/North African studies-related internship/ research experience will further your career/studies goals
  5. Unofficial transcripts, if not already included in number 2 above
  6. Copy of the internship details (from the program’s website or other source) or the research proposal abstract and document of academic affiliation, including nature of online experience, program description, dates of program
  7. One letter of recommendation from an academic advisor or faculty member
  8. Estimated budget (living expenses), including any funds provided by the internship/ research organization

Application deadline: Monday, April 3, 2023 at 5PM Tucson time.  Please note that for the summer internship/research award application and the materials can now be sent in via email to 

Contact: CMES Associate Director Julie Ellison-Speight, (520) 621-8079, 

Sample Internships*

EcoPeace Middle East

Middle East Institute

National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations

Other Sources of Internships

Some organizations do not have the full details of their internships online, or they may offer them sporadically. Students must confirm that the internships fit both departmental and CMES funding requirements.

Center for Strategic & International Studies

Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism

Presidential Internship Program, The American University in Cairo 

International Internships in Israel & Palestine

Some individual faculty may accept students for work on research projects (e.g., Ramzi Touchan).

*CMES does not guarantee these internships/ research experiences will meet the requirements of individual UA departments, or that they will continue to meet CMES funding requirements. It is the student's responsibility to check all internship/ research details before applying.

List of CMES Internship Funding Awardees