Application and instructions

The Academic Year 22-23 and the Summer 2022 FLAS deadlines will be early January 2022 (Please note this new deadline is a shift from past years). Go ahead and email Julie Ellison-Speight at  with the name of your two recommendors, their email addresses, and whether you waive the right to review of their reference. (Inside the FLAS application, you are asked for your recommendors but with the tight turnaround, I want to reach out to them as soon as possible). 

Please note due to COVID, travel for summer 2022 remains unclear. CMES Staff highly recommend one of the three program options for your summer FLAS application be a virtual program. 

Please note a Zoom FLAS Info Session will happen in mid-October 2021. Please check back for details shortly. The Zoom link and password will be posted soon. 

Please note during the 2021-2022 academic year CMES will be applying for Title VI Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) funds. CMES Staff will not know if we have received them until we are notified by the Department of Education about the outcome of our grant application. What that means is while we will hold an academic year FLAS 2022-2023 competition, when CMES staff notifies applicants, we simply share a level of likeliness of receiving the FLAS fellowship, should CMES be awarded the FLAS Title VI Grant. Summer 2022 FLAS funds are from the current FLAS grant held by CMES, and those applicants will receive a clear notification regarding application status.  

FLAS applications will be done through a Qualtrics link for all current UA students. 

For UA CMES FLAS Graduate Academic Year 2021-2022 applications for current UA and incoming students, click here. 

For UA CMES FLAS Undergraduate Academic Year 2021-2022 applications for current UA and incoming students, click here. 

For UA CMES FLAS Summer 2021 applications for current UA students, click here.

Please remember to tailor your statements according to the semesters for which you are seeking FLAS funding. (Summer or Academic Year). 


All UA Applicants will need to upload the following into the Qualtrics system:

1. Application - Please note you are required to have filled out FAFSA to apply for this fellowship. 

2. Unofficial transcripts - please scan all your transcripts into one pdf file and upload the the single pdf in the application. Please name the file LastName_Transcripts.

3. Statement(s) of Purpose - please name the file LastName_Statement (The naming of the statement file will vary slightly application to application, e.g. for undergraduate academic year applicant's the file should be LastName_UGStatement

4. CV/resume -please name the file LastName_CV

5. Certificate of Eligibility. Please download the certificate here. Sign the form, and upload it with your completed application.   Please name the file LastName_Eligibility

You will be asked for names/email addresses of referrees in the application. Please have them ready when you submit the online application. The qualtrics link for Confidential Recommendation Letters (CRLs) will be sent as your applications come into CMES. If you are submitting an application at the last minute, please reach out to and recommendation links will be sent to your recommendors within a reasonable time of receiving your email request. 

NOTE: All applicants must have a current FAFSA on file at the University of Arizona.



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