More (Daha)


Tue, 04/06/2021 - 6:30pm

This film screening is co-sponsored by the Pima County Public Library (PCPL). To watch the film during the event, you will need to have a PCPL library card and PCPL Kanopy account (or access to the film through your own local library). Pima County residents (or current UA students) can easily obtain a free PCPL card and Kanopy account. Link and instructions at the bottom of the page.

Join us for the short contextual presentation preceding the film and for the Q & A session at the end!

More (Daha)

From Screen Daily-Film cover

In his directorial debut, Turkish actor Onur Saylak takes a young boy’s coming of age and frames it as a searing morality play. Though touching on themes of sexual exploitation and the ongoing refugee crisis, More is fundamentally interested in the timeless question of nature versus nurture. Can a bright and sensitive young man, the film asks, ever stand to flourish when every other influence in his life pushes him to become a brute?...

Fourteen-year-old Gaza (Hayat Van Eck) lives along the Aegean coast with father Ahad (Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan) and together they run a grotesquely successful trafficking operation, taking in the seemingly endless supply of refugees and abetting their transit to Europe. The older man does so without a hint of altruism, treating his human cargo as merchandise, keeping them locked in a grimy basement and pimping the women out to earn some extra cash or to satisfy his own impulses.  

Gaza – at least at the film’s outset – is not wholly a chip off the old block, and he tries to treat the refugees as humanely as possible while studying for the academic qualifying exam he knows will be his ticket to a better life. Though he too longs to flee, the death of a child under his watch and his growing integration into his father’s social circle conspire to keep him in place.

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Presenter: Atacan Atakan, PhD student, School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies

Director: Onur Saylak
Language: Arabic and Turkish (with English subtitles)
Length: 115 minutes

Location: This event will be on Zoom.
A hardwired connection to the internet (i.e. not WiFi) and shutting down all other programs on your device will likely provide the best picture and sound quality. Please turn off your audio and video for the duration of the event unless called upon. Questions for the Q&A session can be submitted through the chat function AFTER the film screening has ended. Please do NOT send a chat message to everyone during the film screening or it may pop up on everyone’s screens and interrupt the film. If you’re having technical difficulties, you should send a private chat message to Megan Young. Attendees will be sent to watch the film on Kanopy after a contextual presentation and will be asked to return for the Q&A session.
Those who are new to Zoom can refer to the Zoom Help Center for instructions on how to use Zoom.

How to obtain a PCPL library card and Kanopy account
The public library has created a way for Pima County residents to obtain a library card remotely. You can either get an eCard for digital media and online resources only or a standard library card. Either will work for the film screening. It might take a business day or two to get the card after applying. Apply now to start using your local library! Go to for information on how to apply and what you can access with your PCPL library card.

Current UA students who are not residing in Pima County this semester due to the pandemic can still get an eCard. Contact Megan Young at for instructions.

Once you have a PCPL library card, you will need to create a PCPL Kanopy account at An important thing to know about the PCPL Kanopy service is that you are limited to watching 10 films per month, so make sure you don’t watch all 10 before this event!

Privacy for PCPL patrons
We are not collecting names of attendees. If you wish to remain anonymous even through your username during the event, do not use your real name when asked to provide a name when joining the meeting. If you already have a Zoom account, log in to your profile before the event, click edit next to your name, and change your display name.

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