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Part of the Spring 2017 Film Series: Young Lives: Against the Odds 

Location: Manuel Pacheco Integrated Learning Center (ILC), Room 150, 1500 E. University Blvd

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From The Washinton Post review- 

With its sunbaked vistas, deep-seated impulses of honor and vengeance and lone hero doing battle with nameless outlaws, “Theeb” often resembles a story worthy of Sergio 

Leone, reimaginedby way of the widescreen sweep of “Lawrence of Arabia.” This ... foreign-language Academy Awards submission from Jordan may coin a new film genre: not the western, but the Middle Eastern.
Jacir Eid Al-Hwietat plays the title character, a boy of around 10 who lives with his older brother Hussein (Hussein Salameh Al-Sweilhiyeen) with a group of their fellow Bedouins in 1916 Arabia. According to tradition, tribal members never refuse to offer hospitality to strangers, so when an itinerant guide and a British soldier approach their encampment one night, they slaughter a goat and offer the visitors coffee. When the men ask Hussein to guide them to a well along an old trail to Mecca, he complies in order to fulfill the legacy of his late father, a sheikh. Longing to be initiated into the ways of adulthood, Theeb tags along, embarking on a journey that will test him physically and mentally in ways he can’t imagine.
Naji Abu Nowar
Country of Origin 
Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, UK 
Arabic (English Subtitles)
Year/ Length 
2014/ 100 min
Aaron Graybill