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Online Film Screening: Tehran Taboo


Wed, 04/29/2020 - 7:00pm


Part of the Spring 2020 Film Series: Urban Tales

*This film may not be rated and may not be suitable for children*

From The Guardian -

The striking rotoscoped animation in this snapshot of an unseen Iran is more than an aesthetic decision. Yes, it looks stunning, with its colour palette of glowing ochres and strip-mall neons. But the technique also allows director Ali Soozandeh to portray a side of the city that a live-action film would never be permitted to depict. A good-hearted sex worker with a mute son trades favours for an apartment with a religious judge; a musician pops pills with a girl at a club but the morning after, he’s told he needs to pay for an operation to restore her virginity. A pregnant wife chafes against the straitjacket of her marriage. The characters and plotting tend to be a little schematic, but just because the trajectories of the women’s narratives are predictable, it doesn’t follow that the story lacks power. On the contrary – this is fearless, potent storytelling.

Watch the trailer

Ali Soozandeh

Persian (with English subtitles)

96 minutes

Zoom Link

Password: 152651

Please note that a hard-wired connection to the internet will likely provide the best picture and sound quality. Please turn off your audio and video when joining the Zoom meeting. All participants will first be directed to a waiting room and then added to the meeting one by one so please try to show up a couple minutes early. Questions for the Q&A session can be submitted through the chat function. Those who are new to Zoom can refer to the Zoom Help Center for instructions on how to join a meeting.

CMES would like to thank Kino Lorber EDU for allowing us to move our planned in-person screening to the virtual world. Recording or capturing the film in any way is illegal.