Syrian Sweets Sale- The Love Edition


YWCA Southern Arizona- Frances McClelland Community
525 N Bonita Ave
85745 Tucson , AZ


Sun, 02/12/2017 - 1:00pm to Wed, 05/25/2022 - 6:00am


The Syrian ladies are VERY excited about making some heart-shaped cookies and some Valentine's Day themed desserts. Valentine's Day isn't really a thing in Syria--but they know what it is and they are READY to jump in to this tradition of their new home. 
This event is once again being produced by volunteers from Arizona Welcomes Refugees. And this time we are very excited to partner with the YWCA for this sale, as we will be working with them to help the ladies who are interested get started in business. The Y runs great programs to help women learn how to run a business, and we are going to get the ladies engaged with those resources. These first sales have all been run by a small group of volunteers--and we can't keep doing that! Time to help the ladies learn how to fly on their own. Goodness knows they know how to bake! 
Syria is famous throughout the Middle East for its food--particularly its sweets (halawiyat)! And Tucson is now home to several dozen newly arrived Syrian families. That means Syrian sweets have come to Tucson! 
Several Syrian women will be baking sweets. All donations go directly to the women who are baking and will help them support their families as they get established in their new home. 
I've had the pleasure of eating a lot of Syrian sweets this past few months. And trust me, you do not want to miss this! If your experience of Middle Eastern sweets begins and ends with baklava, you are in for some mind and palate-expanding delight!
***CASH ONLY*** Bring small bills--as your cash purchases will go directly to the individual women and we have a very limited capacity to make change for you. 
Also bring a tupperware container or two! We have been able to get donations for pastry boxes in the past, but we aren't sure whether we will be able to do that this time.