A Survey from Spain to India and from the 7th Century to Today


Marshall, Room 490
845 N Park Ave
85719 Tucson , AZ


Thu, 04/19/2018 - 3:30pm

Is there an architecture related to political power in the Islamic world? A survey from Spain to India and from the 7th century to today.

Many Americans recognize the US capitol building or similar ones in most, but not all, state capitals as the locale of governmental power. Were there similar architectural developments in the Islamic world, with exceptions, where knowledgeable individuals recognized an architectural form or a geographic location as the likely locale of political power? Were the changes over time unique to the world ruled by Muslims or were they worldwide? This rapid survey will answer these questions using data from Spain to India and from the rise of Islam to this century including examples from Egypt for every historic period.


Jere L. Bacharach, Professor Emeritus of Middle East history, the University of Washington, has served as President of MESA, president of the Middle East Medievalists, and has twice been a fellow in Islamic numismatics and epigraphy at Oxford University. He has been an Interim Director, the American Research Center in Egypt, and has held ARCE fellowships and received ARCE funding for a variety of projects. Dr. Bacharach has authored or edited 8 books, including the prize winning work “Islamic History through Coins.” He has visited many of the sites he will discuss in his talk.