Pressing the Reset Button for U.S.-Saudi Arabia Relations: Establishing Cooperation Beyond Oil and the Military into Agriculture, Food, Education and Society


Marshall Building, Room 490
845 N Park Avenue
85719 Tucson


Wed, 11/09/2016 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm


UA Special Panel Discussion 

The Tangled History of U.S.-Saudi Relations
Dr. Leila Hudson
Associate Professor, Modern Middle East Culture & Political Economy
Combating Terrorist Networks: Should the U.S. and Saudi Governments Use Joint or Separate Approaches?
Dr. H. Brinton Milward
Director, School of Government & Pubic Policy
Resetting U.S.-Saudi Relations: Social Agriculture, Education and Society
Dr. Turki Faisal Al Rasheed
CEO, Golden Grass, Inc., Saudi Arabia
Resetting U.S.-Saudi Relations: Strategic Agriculture for Development and Soft-Power Diplomacy
Dr. Joel Cuello
Professor, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Moderator: Dr. Kevin Fitzsimmons
Director of International Programs, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Co- Sponsored by:
School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies (MENAS)
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Global Initiative for Strategic Agriculture and Drylands (GISAD)
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
For inquiries, contact:
Dr. Joel Cuello; Dr. Leila Hudson