Precarity, Labor, and Intimacy: The Gendered Economy of Commercial Divination in Turkey


Social Sciences Building 415
1145 E South Campus Room 415
Tucson , AZ


Fri, 04/08/2016 - 12:00pm to Sat, 06/25/2022 - 3:55am

The UA School of Sociology is holding a Brownbag on Friday, April 8th . The speaker will be Zeynep K. Korkman, Assistant Professor,Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of ArizonaHer talk is entitled “Precarity, Labor, and Intimacy: The Gendered Economy of Commercial Divination in Turkey”  You can find a description of her work and related links online at:


The Sociology Brownbags are held in Soc. Sci. #415, from 12-1:15 p.m. Please see the abstract below.


Women, youth, and LGBTQ individuals are increasingly seeking their fortunes in divination in millennial Turkey where neoliberalization renders their labors and futures ever more precarious. They are part of a proliferating economy of commercial divinations, which presents novel ways of navigating precarious futures. Recruiting as well as catering to those who are feminized and disempowered along patriarchal hierarchies of gender, age, and sexual orientation, commercial divinations generate novel forms of labor and intimacy that increasingly characterize work under postindustrial capitalism. Synthesizing sociological and feminist scholarship on emotional and affective labors, I conceptualize divination as a feeling labor that produces an affective intersubjective space for the incitement, experience, and articulation of emotions. I argue that commodified intimacies produced through feeling labors of divination provide potentially empowering spaces for gender and sexual minorities who are marginalized in their families, neighborhoods, and larger communities. The irony is that these emergent intimacies emerge only at the expense of further precaritization of these very same groups.