NIYAZ: The Fourth Light Project


Centennial Hall
1020 E. University Blvd
85721 Tucson , AZ


Thu, 03/05/2020 - 7:30pm


From the Centennial Hall NIYAZ event website:

"NIYAZ has created a 21st century global trance tradition by seamlessly blending medieval Sufi poetry and folk songs from their native Iran and its surrounding countries with rich acoustic instrumentation and state-of-the-art modern electronics. Founded by captivating vocalist/composer and two-time Juno Award nominee Azam Ali, and multi-instrumentalist/composer and Juno Award nominee Loga Ramin Torkian, NIYAZ generates an immersive musical experience with a deep social message. They take us into a future that is ancient, embarking on a hopeful quest into the human depths, a universal tribute to peace, truth and beauty, cultural and spiritual diversity, freedom and dignity for all.

With three best-selling and critically acclaimed albums, all of which have debuted at #1 on iTunes, NIYAZ tours internationally, performing throughout North America, Europe and the Near East. Their music has also been featured in several major film and television scores, which include True Blood, Nip/Tuck and Crossing Over."

Student ticket prices range from $15, $19, $30, $40, and $60, available online or at Centennial Hall. No added purchase fees if bought at Centennial. Open 12-6PM, Tuesday-Friday.