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Part of the Spring 2019 Spring Series: Tales of the Middle East

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From Haaretz -

Kaplan’s new movie is entirely fictional, but his ability to take a credible look at the physical, human, social and cultural reality around him and to situate his characters within it is still apparent. “Manpower” follows the stories of four Israeli men in crisis; but while many other movies track parallel plot lines in order to bring them together, that is not Kaplan’s main goal, even if some of the stories do intersect eventually. Rather, by looking at all four stories, Kaplan tries to offer a portrait of Israeli masculinity that emerges somewhere on the blurry lines between the center and the margins of Israeli society – on the margins, mainly.

Beyond Erez and his desperate desire to join Israel’s combat troops, “Manpower” also follows Meir (Yossi Marshak), a longtime police officer who, struggling to make ends meet, takes a senior position in a special Immigration Police unit working in south Tel Aviv. There’s also Haim (Shmulik Calderon), a widower still haunted by his service in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Haim founded a cooperative of taxi drivers; his daughter left for Canada years ago, and now his son (Tal Friedman) is preparing to do the same. The fourth hero is Bamba (Shimon Udi Pampas), an immigrant from Nigeria. An educated man now working as a cleaner, Bamba has a wife and a son, Eitan, and is one of the leaders of the immigrant community in south Tel Aviv; for that reason, he faces deportation.


Noam Kaplan

Country of Origin 
France, Israel

English, Hebrew, Igbo

Year/ Length 
2014/ 85 min

Brittany Power