The Kurds–A window into a culture through proverbs


Fri, 01/20/2012 - 3:00pm to Thu, 06/30/2022 - 3:45am

A collection of Kurdish proverbs and photographs

Robert LeutheuserA generous definition of a proverb is, “a phrase, saying, sentence, statement, or expression of the folk which contains above all wisdom, truth, morals, experience, lessons, and advice concerning life and which has been handed down from generation to generation."

Proverbs provide insights into the source cultures, not only through the truth or wisdom imparted (many of which are universal), but also through the metaphors used. For example the following two proverbs convey the same truth: “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence;” and, “A neighbor’s hen looks as big as a goose, and his wife as young as a girl.”

In this lecture Leutheuser will use selected Kurdish proverbs, each coupled with one of his photographs, to explore the Kurdish cultures as he has discovered them in over a decade of travel to “Kurdistan.” Stories behind the photographs will be included as appropriate to help further understand the Kurdish peoples. The presentation will be interactive, and will begin with a brief geographical and historical introduction to the Kurds.

Leutheuser first visited the greater Middle East in 1997, and has since been a very frequent visitor and guest. He is a photographer of cultures, and his attentions have been absorbed by the Kurdish peoples. His travels among the Kurds have increasingly become journeys of the camera, heart, and mind.

More of Leutheuser's work can be found at his website, Beyond Borders Photography.


Independent photographer

MENAS Colloquium Series
Spring 2012
Friday, January 20, 2012
3pm in Marshall 490