Federalism and Development of Constitutional Order in Iraq


Wed, 10/07/2020 - 12:15pm


Part of the Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series

IPLP alumnus Hamdy Singary (SJD, ’09) will discuss the history and development of the status of Kurds as a nation within the Iraqi state, from the post World War 1 constitutional order to present day. Singary will also explore the role federalism plays in conflict resolution between Kurds and the Iraqi government under the current constitution, ratified by the Iraq Parliament in 2005.

Hamdy Singary, IPLP alumnus (SJD, '09). Hamdy earned his LLM from the University of Arizona Law International Trade & Business Law program and his SJD from IPLP. Hamdy’s SJD Dissertation was titled “The Kurdish Way to Attain Nation Building and Oil Rights Through the Constitution and the United States.” His research explored how Kurdish communities could build the path to nation building and how international law and advocacy and Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution can further the self-determination of Kurdish communities.

Location: Online via Zoom

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Sponsored by: James E. Rogers College of Law Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy
Co-sponsored by: CMES

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