A siege of salt and sand: A documentary exploration of 21st century “climate chaos” in Tunisia

CMES and the Institute of the Environment present:

A siege of salt and sand: A documentary exploration of 21st century “climate chaos” in Tunisia 

Sam McNeil
Graduate student, MENAS/Journalism
University of Arizona

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
6pm in Bannister 424

For more information on Sam's documentary, A Siege of Salt and Sand, please go to http://www.siegesaltsand.com/.


Tunisia is facing a catastrophic convergence of climate chaos, just as the 2010 Jasmine Revolution continues to transform the ancient land of Hannibal, Ibn Khaldun, Barbarossa and Khayr al-Din. From "The Shore of Death" in Gabes to the desert-plague of the south, from the invasive sea to clear-cut hillocks, ST McNeil hopes to share the stories of scientists, farmers, fishermen, doctors, officials and activists on the front lines of climate change with the documentary film A Siege of Salt and Sand. Long celebrated as an environmental leader, and known as Al-Khadhra or "the green" in medieval times for its lush lands, Tunisia today faces a threat that promises to get much, much worse as climate change touches down. How will increased droughts, stronger storms and rainfall losses of 15-30 percent alter social, political, cultural and economic systems?

Sam is a multimedia journalist deeply concerned with justice. He has written articles from the southern and eastern Mediterranean, filmed and photographed the Levant, was an extra in a French Algerian movie, wrote a travelogue called Wazungu through the Bundu, and covered the Sonoran desert and US deportation regime. A Tejano de Austin by birth, he's roosted in Washington, D.C., Seattle, Bellingham, Tunis, Knysna, Dar es Salam, Johannesburg, Ramallah, and Tucson. Currently a dual Master's candidate at the University of Arizona, he is also a research assistant with the Institute of the Environment’s Strategic Environmental Research and Development grant, contributor and web editor of SISMEC, founder of Los Deportados multimedia hub, and musician. Right now, however, he's trying to finish A Siege of Salt and Sand.
Photo below (Backyard in Noueila) from https://www.facebook.com/SiegeSaltSand

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