Beyond Labels: Bridging Differences Through Storytelling


Arizona History Museum
949 2nd Street
85719 Tucson , AZ


Wed, 09/25/2019 - 5:00pm to Sat, 11/26/2022 - 4:55am


Experience the storytelling model developed by Israeli born Noa Baum to bridge differences in our communities. Discover how listening to, and telling the story of the "other," can break through stereotypes and labels to the possibility of compassion and change. Participants experience an interactive model demonstrating that storytelling can be an effective tool to open dialogue and foster peace and tolerance in our communities.


Participants will be able to:

  • Use a storytelling model for working with differences
  • Learn techniques to deepen listening past opinions and labels
  • Build community and make connections with other


Noa is an internationally recognized storyteller and author who brings the power of story to communities, using stories to transcend boundaries. She was born in Israel and when she first came to America, she and a Palestinian woman became close friends. Through deep bonds of friendship and trust they came to understand each other's lives, experiences and hearts.

Noa's website:


This event is sponsored by: The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies, Equity, Inclusion & Title IX, Hillel, The Islamic Center of Tucson, The University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and The University of Arizona Honors College