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What should be a routine night on patrol becomes a journey into Hell for a squad of unsuspecting cops in this ferociously terrifying, tour-de-force horror thriller from Turkish director Can Evrenol.

“Creepy, weird and amazing … prepare for a whole new vision of Turkish cinema.” – Ryland Aldrich, Twitch

Based on the filmmaker’s 2013 short of the same name, and drawing upon a diverse range of inspirations – not only such films as Quest for Fire, Apocalypse Now and Hellraiser, but also the paintings of  Caravaggio, Bosch and Giger – Baskin offers up a nightmarish compendium of imaginative frights that will leave even seasoned horror fans reeling.  Responding to an emergency call for backup, a five man police squad arrives at an old building and finds an abandoned patrol car but no sign of their comrades.   Making their way through the labyrinthine ruin toward the basement, the officers catch glimpses of grotesque and unnerving images in the shadows.   Soon it becomes apparent that they have stumbled into the middle of a mysterious, blood-soaked black arts ritual – a celebration where they may be the unwitting guests of honor.   And what began as a detour into the Twilight Zone will quickly become a shortcut into the mouth of madness.  Tense, surreal and genuinely disturbing, Baskin will invade your dreams with its unforgettable images and unimaginable monstrosities. (Dir. by Can Evrenol, 2015, Turkey, in Turkish with subtitles, 97 mins., Rated R)