Food (recipes, history)

Dedicated to all things related to Middle East and North Africa, Al-Bab hosts a food and recipe blog which aims to educate readers about the histories and complexities of MENA food traditions, while also providing recipes and updates on the latest MENA cookbook publications.

Clifford Wright 
An accomplished food writer and cook, Clifford Wright’s website on Italian and Mediterranean cooking hosts a list of recipes by country and region, including from Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, and the Levant.

Food of Egypt (Egyptian recipes)

The Iraqi Family Cookbook 
A blog introducing an Iraqi cookbook that includes over 150 recipes, which have been handed down through many generations.

Kitchen of Palestine (Palestinian recipes)

Lebmania (Lebanese recipes)

The Libyan Kitchen (Libyan recipes)

My Halal Kitchen
A blog revolving around Halal cooking. Its creator Yvonne Maffei shares recipes, reviews cookbooks, and discusses food history and travel experiences.

Ozlem’s Turkish Table 
A blog committed to sharing the simple Turkish and Mediterranean recipes of professional home-cook Ozlem Warren.

The Persian Pot (Persian recipes)

Queen of Sheba (Yemeni recipes)


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