Public Talk: "The Role of Strategic Nonviolent Action in the Recent and Ongoing Civil Insurrections in the Middle East"


Fri, 04/22/2011 - 2:00pm to Wed, 03/29/2023 - 6:21pm

Professor Stephen Zunes examines the role of strategic nonviolent action in the Middle East, the long-overlooked history of such resistance movements in the greater Middle East, and how the dramatic developments of recent months challenge the assumptions of both Islamic extremists and American neoconservatives.

Stephen Zunes is professor of Politics and chair of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of San Francisco. He serves as a senior analyst for Foreign Policy and chair of the academic advisory committee of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict. His most recent books include Western Sahara: War, Nationalism and Conflict Irresolution, Tinderbox: U.S. Middle East Policy and the Roots of Terrorism and Nonviolent Social Movements.

Talk will begin at 2pm and will be held in Marshall 490.