Moroccan Mosaic: Focus on Literature and Art


Sat, 05/01/2010 - 9:00am to Sat, 11/26/2022 - 6:12am

This workshop featured four speakers: one who gave an overview of Moroccan written literature, one who discussed Moroccan oral literature, one who discussed the Art and architecture of Morocco and one who gave an overview of the Arabic language, both written and spoken. There was a working lunch in which teachers worked in groups and discussed how literature and art can be used to understand social studies and how social studies can be used to understand literature and art. Teachers received 5 professional development credits, lunch, and a packet of resources for use in their classrooms and preparation for the trip.

The Program Featured:

  • Quality program sessions by excellent professors and teachers
  • A resource packet provided free to all participants
  • Lunch provided free of charge
  • 4-6 professional development hours

Sahrawi Oral Traditions Lecture:

By Dr. Tara Deubel

Powerpoint Presentation:

"Oral Literature in Sahrawi Communities in Morocco" pdf


"Sahrawi Women in the Liberation Struggle for the Sahrawi People" pdf
By Anne Lippert

Refugees from Western Sahara
By Danielle Van Brunt Smith courtesy of Forced Migration Online

"Oasis of Hope: Sahrawi Refugee Camps in Western Sahara Bear the Fruits of Self-Sufficiency Amid a Harsh Environment"
By Teresa K. Smith courtesy of Cultural Survival

Further Reading:

"Poetry as a Strategy Power: The Case of Riffian Berber Woman" pdf
By Terri Brint Joseph

Art and Architecture of Morocco Lecture:
By Dr. Amy Newhall


Moroccan Design

Further Reading:

"Rabat" pdf
By Institut Francais D'Architecture

"The Masterpiece Minbar"
By Jonathan M. Bloom
Courtesy of Saudi Aramco World

Moroccan Mosaic Lesson:
By Teachers Jeanine Kuropatkin and Cheryl Wiens

"A Moroccan Specialty: Pigeon Pie, Camel Rides, and Mosques – A Virtual Tour of Morocco’s Landscape and Culture"

Moroccan Arabic:

Arabic Guide
By Friends of Morocco

Arabic Practice I
Courtesy of Speak Moroccan

Spoken Arabic Practice II

Spoken Arabic Practice III

Spoken Arabic Practie IV

Spoken Arabic Practice V