Between the Middle East & Africa: Environmental Adaptation & Socio-Economic Traditions of Southern Morocco


Sat, 04/17/2010 - 9:00am to Sat, 11/26/2022 - 4:27am

This workshop featured four speakers: one who gave an overview of the geography and environment of southern Morocco, one who discussed tribal groups in Morocco, one who discussed economic variations: north-south, Middle Eastern-African, settled-nomadic, urban-rural, and one who gave an overview of the Arabic language, both written and spoken. There was a working lunch in which teachers worked in groups and discussed implementing cross-disciplinary lessons in the classroom. Teachers received 5 professional development credits, lunch, and a packet of resources for use in their classrooms and preparation for the trip.

The Program Featured:

  • Quality program sessions by excellent professors and teachers
  • A resource packet provided free to all participants
  • Lunch provided free of charge
  • 4-6 professional development hours

Workshop Resource Packet:

"Moroccan Immigration in the Mediterranean Region: Reflections in Ben Jelloun's Literary Works" pdf
By Yehudit Ronen

"The Penal Code in the Customary Laws of the Swasa of the Moroccan Western Atlas and Anti-Atlas" pdf
By David M. Hart

"Berber Names and Substrata in Mauritania and the Western Sahara: Linguistic and Ethno-Historical Guidelines for Future Research on a Paradoxical Problem" pdf
By David M. Hart

"The Rgaybat: Camel Nomads of the Western Sahara" pdf
By David M. Hart

"Transforming Brain Drain into Capital Gain: Morocco's Changing Relationship with Migration and Remittances" pdf
By Mara A. Leichtman

Arabic Guide
By Friends of Morocco

Workshop Presentations:

"Arabic Language Written and Spoken" pdf
By Nadia Hamrouni