MENAS Colloquium Series, Spring 2012

Fr, Jan 20                 The Kurds- A window into a culture through proverbs
                                    Rob Leutheuser, independent photographer

Fr, Feb 03                  Arab popular protest and the Syrian uprising of 2011 and beyond
                                    Michael Provence, UC San Diego
                                    NOTE: This lecture will take place in Chavez 111

Fr, Feb 10                  Iranian film and Persian fiction: Interdependence, interaction, and exchange
                                    M. R. Ghanoonparvar, The University of Texas at Austin

Fr, Feb 17                  Lost or gained in translation: Fatima Mernissi's harem, lies, and autobiography
                                    Carine Bourget, Dept of French & Italian, UA

Fr, Mar 02                 Humanism in the age of postnationalism: Explorations through modern Turkey
                                    Aslı Iğsız, School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies, UA

Th, Mar 08                Expanding access to emergency contraception in the Arab world: Lessons learned from Tunisia
                                    Angel Foster, University of Ottowa, Health Sciences
                                    NOTE: This talk will begin at 3.30pm

Tu, Mar 20                Egypt, one year after the revolution
                                    Wael Nawara, Egyptian writer, activist, and founder of El Ghad party
                                    NOTE: This talk will begin at 3.30pm in ILC140

Fr, Apr 13                  Media development and the peace-building agenda: A case study of Afghanistan's first
                                    independent news agency
                                    Anissa Tanweer, School of Journalism/MENAS, UA

Mo, Apr 16                International law, holy places, and the old city of Jerusalem
                                   Leonard Hammer, Visiting Professor, Modern Israel Studies, Arizona Center for Judaic Studies

Fr, Apr 27                  A concise history of the Kazakh language and its Turkic and Persian elements
                                    Baglan Mizamkhan, the Kazakh Ablai Khan University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

                                   Laryssa Chomiak, Director, Center for Maghrib Studies, Tunisia
                                   Robert P. Parks, Director Center for Maghrib Studies, Algeria


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