MENAS Colloquium Series, Fall 2013

September 6

(Kiva Room, Student Union)

Challenges Facing the Muslim Community in America
Hassan Shibly and Zahra Billoo

co-sponsored by CAIR

September 13

Partners Against Anti-Semitism: North African Jews and Muslims Respond to Hitler, 1933-1942

Aomar Boum, University of Arizona

October 4

Beyond Bamiyan - The Practice of Heritage Conservation in Afghanistan
Professors Arian Qeyame, Muzhgan Hamraz, & Ahmad Omar Hamid
University of Kabul, Afghanistan

October 25

Palestinians in Syria and the Syrian Civil War

Anaheed al-Hardan
PARC Fellow

November 1

Gezi Protests: An Eventful History

Salih Can Açıksöz

November 8

The Turkish-Kurdish Peace Process: Exploring Truth and Reconciliation

Liz Ogelsby & Christian Sinclair


November 15

Ancient Mesopotamia and Modern Iraq – Challenges of Heritage Conservation and Postwar Reconstruction
Suzanne Bott


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